What is Shinrin-yoku?

The term "Shinrin-yoku" derives from Japan and can be roughly defined as: making contact with and taking in the atmosphere of the forest. Often times referred to as forest bathing or nature therapy, it is a practice that describes a broad group of techniques or treatments to use nature to improve mental and physical health. Shinrin-yoku has been documented to reduce stress hormone production, improve feelings of happiness and free up creativity, as well as lower one's heart rate and blood pressure, boost the immune system and even accelerate recovery from illness.

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In 2021, I received certification as a Nature Therapy Practitioner (Professional Level) to understand how I could effectively integrate two powerful healing modalities: mindfulness meditation and nature immersion. I currently offer guided mindful nature immersion experiences through Mindful Astoria and Outerthere, upcoming event details are provided below. Events incorporate guided seated, walking and standing meditations in an outdoor setting to help awaken one's senses to the surrounding environment and develop a deeper bond with nature. 

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